Altru News This Week – 06/06/16

6th June 2016by NadineLatest News


Preparations for Drug Awareness Tour, Eyes Open, Are Underway

Schools were having a well-deserved half term break last week – and what a week they had weather wise!

We had some gorgeous weather which made their break even more enjoyable no doubt.

We got the keys for the new office and spent the day there on Thursday cleaning and getting it ready for our big move in the summer! From August, we’ll be based in Garston and we can’t wait to expand!

Preparations are well and truly under way for the Eyes Open tour. We held a casting day on Wednesday and are so pleased with our wonderful team, they’ll have a great time on tour.

Contracts have been drawn up, costumes and props have been sourced, the script’s been updated and adapted, all that’s left is for rehearsals to start on Wednesday!

Eyes Open is a performance for year 6 pupils which educates young people about the causes and consequences of drug use. The performance is accompanied by a workshop where young people learn about the choices made by the characters and develop a greater understanding of the risks associated with a variety of different legal and illegal substances.

Mum Jan can’t survive without her morning coffee.
Dad Roger has been giving up smoking for 20 years.
Josh uses drugs as a wall to keep people out.
Abby enjoys a dance and a laugh.
And Ellie just wants to fit in, no matter what it takes.

The whole session is an invaluable tool for teachers in exploring:

  • the physical and psychological effects of drug use
  • the role of legal and illegal drugs
  • the causes and effects of drug use
  • peer pressure
  • addiction
  • friendship and relationships

Eyes Open is a 45 minute performance followed by a one hour workshop. Each year since 2008, Eyes Open has toured schools in June and July – working with children during the important post SATS / transition period. We are now taking bookings for 2016 and we have frozen prices for this school year. Get in touch if you would like to secure a slot for your Year 6.