Resources for Anti-Bullying Week 2016

13th September 2016by KateResources


Anti-Bullying Week is coming soon…..

This year Anti-Bullying Week falls on 14th – 18th November, and most of the schools we know will be doing something to mark this national event, which is hosted each year by The National Anti-Bullying Alliance.

To help you plan for Anti-Bullying Week we’ve compiled a list of some great resources which can be used in class or assemblies. This year’s theme is POWER FOR GOOD – and more information and ideas for the week can be found on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website:

Here’s a fantastic competition for your pupils to get involved in.  The closing date is Friday but if you hurry, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your pupils’ artistic skills.  Children need to create and draw a new superhero, connected of course, to this year’s theme.

If you are looking to spread the Anti-Bullying message across the whole school, then a performance could be a great way to do it.  We offer 3 different performances during November, and we do have a small number of dates available.  Prices start from just £400 + vat.  More information about the three shows we’re offering can be found here:

Pop over to the website for some useful resources.  We particularly like the flashcards which can be printed off and used in class for discussions.

Check out the Stand Up To Bullying Campaign website which is fronted by some well known celebrities (you’ll see a little video of them ‘standing up’) and relates to the ‘Stand Up to Bullying Day’ held each July.  There is a fantastic page, dedicated to advice for teachers and schools, which we’ve linked to here – but the whole site is pretty great and it’s always fun seeing Suzanne Reid and Diversity standing up on a loop!

Try this Altru activity in class with your pupils.  All you need to have a go at it is a deck of cards, and it’s a fantastic way of exploring power and control in connection to bullying. Altru Creative Education Anti-Bullying Status Activity

If you’re working with younger children then this Australian website might be useful. There’s a lovely animated video about an alien called Allen (it’s worth watching on youtube so that all of the chapters are automated.)  The film is great and explores feelings and friendship in a simple and fun way, and there’s also a series of lesson plans to go with the film that could be really useful.

And finally, don’t forget that we offer ‘Anti-Bullying’, ‘Respect’ & ‘Friendship and Cooperation’ Play in a Days for KS1 & 2 and themed workshops for Ks1 – KS4 during November to get children and young people engaged in the topic and inspired to do something about it! You can find more info on other pages of this website or give us a call on 0151 443 0333.

At Altru we’re passionate about equality and fairness and Anti-Bullying is a real focus for us.  We’d love to share that message with your pupils.