World Book Day Costumes – Who will you be?

27th February 2017by KateResources


World Book Day is just a few days away, and we know teachers and parents will be busy looking for exciting costume ideas.

We love dressing up at Altru – take a look at our instagram for many, many pictures of us in costume! And we hope that you’ll be entering into the World Book Day spirit and dressing up as your favourite character. Below are three ideas based on Altru team members favourite childhood books.

Why not try Peter Pan (our director Kate’s favourite children’s book.)  All you need are some green tights, a green or brown dress / short and t-shirt and, of course, the famous hat which you can make very simply out of paper – here’s a great 3 minute youtube tutorial (it’s for a Robin Hood hat but would work just as well for Peter Pan) 

Barry’s favourite childhood book is George’s Marvellous Medicine and this costume couldn’t be easier – a red t-shirt, a large pot and a wooden spoon and you are all set! And if you’ve got short, blonde hair then even better!

Or you could opt for Peter Rabbit, our Kerry’s childhood fave, which is also a super simple costume – rabbit ears (which are everywhere at the moment in the lead up to Easter, we’ve seen plenty in Poundland!) a blue jacket and a carrot (and a mischievous glint in the eye) and you are transformed into Beatrix Potter’s most famous character.

There are also tons of websites with ideas and support for World Book Day Costumes, take a look at:

The Guardian’s highlights on 2016.  We particularly love the Very Hungry Caterpillar, ingeniously made out of a sleeping bag!

And the Book Aid website is fantastic – with individual guides for over 25 different literary characters.

We’d love to see your World Book Day costumes, so keep in touch with us via twitter, instagram and facebook or pop us an email with your pics!

Happy World Book Day!