Dramatic Transition at St Patrick’s in Liverpool

22nd May 2017by KateBlog


Well, what a busy, brilliant day! Today I was working with Year 6 at St Patrick’s Primary School in Toxteth, Liverpool and they were a ball of energy!

The dreaded SATs are out of the way and Year 6 at St Patrick’s are embarking on Activity Week.  Kick starting this interactive week was our Transition in a Day session, which is a full day of learning through drama that gives pupils the chance to explore and discuss ideas relating to transition.  First, we established what is meant by transition, with pupils talking about the transition from Primary to Secondary, Year 6 to Year 7 and being a big fish in a small pool to a small fish in that oh-so-big secondary school pond.  For the most part, the children were excited about the journey ahead.

Our day today culminated in a performance and so we added statements to the play, voicing exactly what they are looking forward to:

“The classes”

“Meeting new people”

“The experiences”

“New teachers”

and one I haven’t heard before during a Transition in a Day

“Becoming more independent in school!”

It’s easy to forget that we all, at one stage of our lives or another, longed for that independence. We too wanted to get the bus on our own, to navigate new corridors and new classrooms without holding someone’s hand, to walk into a new world and stand on our own two feet. Year 6 showed remarkable certainty and enthusiasm about this period of change in their lives and I felt confident for them and for their futures.

At the end of the day – which was challenging but loads of fun – the pupils performed confidently for the rest of the school, speaking openly about their feelings of nervous excitement, and dismissing the horror stories that we all hear about High School.  They made the audience laugh by shrewdly characterising the new teachers they may meet and then made the audience cry by thoughtfully reflecting on their experiences of their beloved primary school. And the audience loved it! They finished off triumphantly with a bow and a huge round of applause from the whole school and parents too who came along to watch.

As we packed away the costumes, the class reflected on the day – what they had achieved, what they’d enjoyed and what they will take away with them from the day.  As the last line (chosen by Year 6 themselves) stated “Good luck everyone! Let’s do it!” If today is anything to go by, they won’t need the luck and they definitely can do it!


Altru practitioner and Schools Relationship Manager