“Curiouser and curiouser!”

Alice in Wonderland is a long and detailed story, but in just one day your pupils can learn all about the events, the characters and the writer, Lewis Carroll.

Our Alice in Wonderland Play in a Day deftly weaves through the story, exploring the most famous characters and chapters and looking at the interesting language used by Lewis Carroll.  Your pupils play the characters, as well as playing Lewis Carroll himself, and by the end of the school day they’ll have a performance ready, complete with music, costumes and props, to perform to the rest of the school.

All of our English Play in a Days allow children to explore a particular text or writer and to develop an understanding of the storyline while unpicking language, learning about characters and developing their confidence.

The structure of a Play in a Day:

  • We start with warm ups and ‘getting to know you’ activities
  • Then we move on to exploring the topic, through games and activities.
  • We begin work on the play and every child plays a part in creating the characters, atmosphere and telling the story. Children are not given scripts, lines are delivered aurally and remembered through action & repetition – this makes the Play in a Day format totally accessible and inclusive.
  • We reinforce learning and understanding throughout the day through questioning, break out activities and plenary games.
  • Children are given costume and props and we integrate music during the day too!
  • Around 2:30pm your invited audience arrive – this can be another class, the rest of the school and/or parents.
  • The performance takes place – children put everything they’ve learnt into practice.
  • Following wild applause, children are presented with a certificate and your class teacher gets a lovely resource pack of follow up activities to do in class.

Key focus of the Alice in Wonderland Play in a Day

  • The storyline and plot, including all key characters and events
  • Characterisation of Alice and language used
  • Structure of the story and use of literary techniques
  • Historical context
  • Writer’s intentions

“The curriculum is so packed and at times children’s creativity can be stifled – but a Play in a Day looks after children’s wellbeing, reinforcing positive attitudes to cooperation, building friendships and looking at literature differently.  A great chance to be out of class working as a team.” Mrs Brown, Year 4 teacher, Park Brow Primary, Knowsley