Anti-Bullying Performances

Every year we work with schools to support their Anti-Bullying policies and strategies.  Much of this work happens in November, when we all celebrate National Anti-Bullying week and take a stand against bullying in all its forms.

In 2019, we’ll be touring 3 performances – 2 in the North West and 1 across the UK more widely.

  • Performances take place in your school hall and last for 45 minutes.
  • They can be watched by everyone in school from Reception to Year 6.
  • After each performance our actors do a quick round up and Q & A with all pupils.

Each performance shows what bullying can look like and the impact it can have on people, as well as exploring the causes of bullying and giving practical ideas about how we can prevent and stop bullying.

The performances are fantastic Anti-Bullying assembly ideas, as everyone receives the same message, at the same time.

Following the performance, we offer a free workshop for 1 class/group who may need some additional support or intervention.  You also receive a Resource Pack, full of activities for teachers to do after the performance.

This year, we are touring three special performances – all of which explore cyber, verbal and physical bullying and help children to develop their knowledge and understanding.  Each Altru Anti-Bullying performance has its own dedicated page on the website, links are below, so please feel free to have a look at these pages for more information.

Agents of Change – based on the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s Theme for 2019

Touring the North West / 1st – 29th November 2019

We will be touring this brand new show in the North West, which will be linked to the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s (ABA) theme for 2019.

Woosh, Ping and Flip are secret agents, in the super secret department of the Change Makers.  They right wrong, sort out problems and help people change their lives for the better.

When they meet Jake, they think they know how to solve his problem – but they soon realise bullying is far more complex than they thought, and they’re going to need to bring the whole school community together to help Jake and stop bullying for good.

The play and workshop explore the small changes we can all make to prevent and stop bullying.  Agents of Change will have a focus on valuing difference, being kind and supporting each other.  The play will also explore different forms of bullying and will give children practical advice for staying safe and who to talk to.


Road to Respect

Touring the North West / 1st – 29th November 2019

It’s not easy to get along with everyone, as Taylor knows only too well.  And sometimes there comes a moment when you have to make a choice – and the choice can lead you in many directions.  But which road leads to respect?

Road to Respect will focus on moments of choice children make each day in their friendships and interactions and on the importance of showing respect to everyone we meet, even if they are different from yourself.

Time to Be Different

Touring the UK / 8th – 29th November 2019

Lucy is special and unique and, according to Izzy, different.  And, apparently, being different isn’t a good thing.

But when Lucy’s Uncle hears about what’s been happening in school, he decides it’s time to show Izzy that bullying is not ok.  And so begins Izzy’s time travelling adventure, where she learns what being different really means and what the consequences of being a bully could be.


Give us a call on 0151 443 0333 to find out more and make your school’s booking. 

Altru is proud to be an associate member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  You can find out more about the ABA’s work here, including info on this year’s Anti-Bullying Week.