Arts Week at St Bede’s in Halton

Following a successful CPD project last school year, St Bede’s asked us back to run some creative drama sessions during their Arts Week in October 2015.

Our practitioner Tash was delighted to hear that the three topics the school had chosen were clowns for Reception, Fairytale Creatures for Year 1 and Alice in Wonderland for Year 2. What great topics!

Each class in school received a 30 – 60 minute drama session which used drama games and activities to explore the chosen topics. Reception created their own clowns using their bodies and facial expressions, Year 1 worked in teams to build their own brand new fairytale creatures and Year 2 told the whole story of Alice in Wonderland using a great drama technique called a Woosh.

The sessions created a real buzz around school and meant that everyone could take part, have fun and learn in a creative and participatory way.

Arts Weeks are a wonderful way for pupils to try out a whole range of creative activities and we’re always delighted when we’re asked to be involved. Whatever your topic we can create a bespoke workshops just for you, so give us a call if you are currently planning your school’s arts week.