Back to the App – Online Safety Performance

BACK TO THE APP is a performance about Online Safety for children in Key Stage 2.

Freya, Ben and Hallie all love the internet – and their phones and tablets; they’d spend all day on them if they could! But when they download a new app called ScreenLife they all get sucked into the world of the internet.

They journey through apps and websites, learning how they work, what the risks are and how to keep themselves safe.  All of the most popular apps and games for 7 – 11 year olds are referenced, in a fun packed performance that will entertain your pupils and really make them think.

Back to the App is a 45 minute performance for all of KS2.  We also offer a free workshop after the performance for 1 selected class or group (school council / e-cadets.)  Additional workshops can also be booked.

Back to the App explores:

  • Privacy settings, strangers and followers – with a focus on Instagram
  • Youtube, explaining how children need to be vigilant online about what they click on and watch
  • Gaming including Roblox and Fortnite – looking at in-app purchasing and extreme reactions to gaming (anger, stress etc)
  • Cyber bullying, mean messages and how saying something online is the same as saying it in real life – focusing on Snapchat
  • The importance of not believing everything you see and read online
  • Age restrictions on apps and games
  • Spending too much time on the internet.

Tour dates: 

January – March 2023

“Wonderful! An engaging, exciting and action packed performance.” Computing Coordinator, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

“Back to the App was relevant and the acting was excellent! It was up to date and instantly connected with the children in a clever, original way which got clear messages across to all children from Years 3 – 6″ Class teacher, Our Lady’s Primary School 

“Brilliant as always! So much energy – thank you for your skills! I would ALWAYS recommend Altru to other schools.” Class teacher, St Bridget’s Primary School

“The children were engaged and interested throughout the performance and the workshop showed just how much the children had understood.  It generated discussion back in class and drew attention to the dangers of different apps, as well as showing them how to protect themselves” Year 3 teacher, Ravensfield Primary School

Contact us on 0151 443 0333 / to find out about available dates.

We do not believe Back to the App is suitable for Key Stage 1, as online use is so different for the different Key Stages.  We do offer workshops for KS1 on the topic of Online Safety, which can be planned in a bespoke way to support the specific issues facing your pupils.  Get in touch for more information.