‘Bin the Tins’ – An alcohol awareness project

In 2014, we successfully bid to work with Bolton at Home, delivering a project called ‘Bin the Tins.’ The 10 week project was designed to allow children to explore issues connected to alcohol consumption and misuse and apply their new learning to a performance for their parents.

Our director, Kate, led the project and helped the class to become a great group of actors, storytellers and theatre makers.  The first stages of the project introduced the children to the topic and to the drama skills they would need to devise and perform their own piece of theatre.  The class then worked together to create a character called Charlie, who was having all kinds of issues with alcohol and had a group of family and friends who were really worried about him.

The play addressed the violence that can sometimes be connected to alcohol abuse and, through Charlie’s family and friends the audience saw the wider impact that such abuse can have.

The performance was incredibly mature and included scripted sections as well as physical scenes which brought the impact of drinking to life in an age appropriate but hard hitting way.  The pupils, who were in Year 5, worked really hard as actors and in all other stage roles too – director, producer and stage management.  It brought the class together and created a huge sense of unity and responsibility – which the children took with them into year 6.

“Kate and Altru facilitated the children to develop a fantastic piece of drama that covered things like: the dangers of excessive drinking; how irresponsible consumption of alcohol can affect families and children; and people’s experiences of alcohol related issues; whilst also making the production fun and engaging for the children involved. They also guided the children through what was a sensitive and delicate subject and dealt with things in a caring and responsible manner – with all necessary safeguarding procedures implemented. Kate and Altru worked exceptionally well with all parties that were involved in what was a multi-organisational project. They worked particularly well with the School and coordinated a realistic and well thought out schedule of workshops for the children – and planned the structure and content of each workshop – ensuring that they covered all necessary topics and met all of the milestones that were required. Evaluation was a priority right from the start of the project and Altru had planned this into the content and schedule of the project – taking in feedback not just from the young people involved, but also parents, families, teachers and commissioners – meeting and in-fact exceeding the aims and objectives that we had set out to deliver upon.” Rodney Adams, Bolton at Home
“The project was absolutely fab! Learnt lots myself! The children were very engaged, enjoyed the activities and were proud of their work and being a part of it. I’m very proud of my class!” Liz Pumphrey, Year 5 Teacher, Castle Hill Primary School

Kate was really proud of what the pupils produced, and our connection with Castle Hill has continued as Kate is now starting her second Year 6 production with the school!

If you would like to develop a bespoke project with a health focus, we think drama is a great way to do it! Give us a call for a chat about the options – 0151 443 0333.