Dot Co Dot Ok – Internet Safety Performance


Bobby Green never has his head out of his phone – he loves gaming and apps and uploading and sharing. He loves the internet! But his phone use is getting in the way of his friendships and his school work, and he’s never thought about privacy settings or keeping himself safe online.

Pupils watch Bobby’s story unfold and take part in interactive elements of the story, to help change Bobby’s fortunes and learn about how to stay safe online themselves.

The play is brand new for 2017 and has been created to help primary school children explore and identify risks associated with using the internet.

The performance will help pupils learn:

  • How to keep their personal information safe online.
  • About age restrictions and recommendations for websites, games and apps.
  • How to navigate friendships online and stay away from cyber bullying.
  • The importance of real world friendships and relationships.
  • Who to speak to if they are worried or concerned about something they’ve seen online.

The performance is for everyone in KS1 and is accompanied by a free workshop and a resource pack of follow up activities for use back in class.

“A great, real performance which children could relate to. Workshop was lots of fun but with lots of learning too. Lots of internet safety tips, good teamwork and communication skills developed. Children definitely enjoyed it today. 10/10.” David Marshall, St Joseph’s Heywood on Tangled Web in February 2016

Dot Co Dot Ok is touring schools in February 2018, to complement your work around Safer Internet Day, which is on Tuesday 6th February in 2018.  Bookings are being taken now.

You can find out more about 2016’s Internet Safety performance Tangled Web here.  Tangled Web is touring again in 2017 & 2018 and is available to book now.

And take a look at our resources page, full of ideas and inspiration for your e-Safety work in class.