Drama for SPaG!

KS1 & KS2 SPAG Activities

Here at Altru, we love English and we believe that drama can be used to teach all aspects of the English curriculum to great success – including SPaG!

Our newest programme is Drama for SPaG (formerly known as SPaG-tastic.) Drama for SPaG is a workshop (or series of workshops) using drama games and activities to help children learn SPaG rules and techniques.

Drama for SPaG workshops use innovative activities to enhance and embed skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Children get to try out a whole range of ideas and skills in a practical way, and then apply these ideas to written work back in class.  We have 11 years’ experience of working with children and our Artistic Director is a former English teacher, so you can be certain that Altru sessions will always be accurate, educational, engaging and accessible.

There are 2 Drama for SPaG formats to choose from:

Drama for SPaG Booster

A one day workshop, perfect for your Year 6 pupils.  Children work with our expert practitioner for the full day, working interactively in the hall and learning SPaG through games and fun.  You choose 4 key areas for development and our practitioner sets to work closing the skills gap and bringing energy, enthusiasm and fun to teaching SPaG.

This day is perfect for the spring term in the lead up to SATS.

We can split the day in half if you have 2 Year 6 classes, with each class receiving half a day (and working on 2 SPaG areas)

Areas for development might include:

  • Perfect and progressive tense
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Subordinate clauses
  • Conjunctions
  • Word classes
  • Active and passive voice
  • …..to name just a few!

Prices from £295 + vat

Drama for SPaG Project

Bring us into your teaching team for a whole term or more and we’ll plan a bespoke Drama for SPaG programme for you.  We can work with up to 4 classes in a day, spreading SPaG skills and enthusiasm across school.  Each session is tailored to your requirements and based on helping pupils to learn and make progress in every session.  And because your practitioner gets to know pupils across a number of weeks they develop an understanding of exactly what your pupils need.

The set-up of the day is flexible, we can deliver between 1 and 4 workshops in a day working with any combination of classes across Key Stage 1 and 2.  We can work in the hall or in your classrooms and will happily fit times around lunches and breaks.  We can work on a different topic each week, or spend a few weeks focusing on a more complex concept to really develop and embed learning.

If you’d like to see an example of how a Drama for SPaG project works, take a look at this document which demonstrates an average Drama for SPaG day.

Please get in touch for a chat about prices for this project format.


Since we’ve been delivering Drama for SPaG sessions we’ve had a brilliant response from schools, and last year’s SATs and writing moderation results from schools we’ve worked in are testament to how accessible and memorable our sessions are.

“A fantastic 12 weeks – Altru have really helped to raise attainment levels in SPAG in our class. Memorable for children and a fun way to learn. Lots of topics covered, children accessed lots of different elements of spelling, punctuation and grammar through drama in a fun way. 10/10.” D Johnston, Broadgreen Primary School, Liverpool

“The SPaG work I have observed being done with my class will totally change the way I teach it in the future.  I can see an improvement in my pupils’ writing and my Year 6 were more confident in sitting their test this year. My children aren’t afraid to try new vocabulary and words in context. They are confident in trying new punctuation and are experimenting with word order and complex sentences. But most of all,  in a class with a high ratio of boys, my children are confident writers; they love to write now, the music goes on, the pens go down and we just write.” Miss Wright, Victoria Road Primary School, Halton

CPD sessions for staff are also available and can be delivered separately, as INSET or as a twilight session on a workshop day.

Give us a call on 0151 443 0333 for a chat about how Drama for SPaG can work in your school.