Eyes Open – Drug & Alcohol Awareness for Year 6

Eyes Open is an important PSHE performance for year 6 pupils.  We are incredibly proud of the impact Eyes Open has had (and continues to have) on children’s understanding about drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and transition from primary to secondary school.  The play has toured schools since 2008.

Download links to the new Statutory Relationship Education and Health Education Guidance

The 50 minute performance, which takes place in your school hall, is hard hitting and engaging. The story follows The McCleary family and their interactions with both legal and illegal drugs. Your Year 6 pupils watch the performance and then all take part in a workshop, where they explore the choices made by the characters and the consequences of these choices. The whole session (either a morning or afternoon in your school) allows pupils to explore a difficult subject creatively, giving them the chance to ask questions and develop understanding.

The whole session is an invaluable tool for Year 6, as it helps them learn about:

  • the physical and psychological effects of drug use
  • the role of legal and illegal drugs
  • the causes and effects of drug use
  • peer pressure
  • addiction
  • friendship and relationships

“As a year 6 teacher I have booked Eyes Open for the last 5 years and it never fails to impress. Fun, interesting and hard hitting – it really delivers!” Mr Breslin, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Wigan

“Very good and well organised. All children very engaged which was brilliant to see. Workshops after the play were particularly good – Altru staff had a great approach to working with the children and did a fantastic job” Miss Tittle, Kew Woods Primary School, Sefton

“Absolutely outstanding. It covered a variety of legal and illegal drugs and the message was delivered in a poignant manner. Thank you very much – one of the best productions / workshops I’ve experienced as a teacher.” Mrs Drury, St Clare’s RC Primary School, Manchester

“The children were engrossed in the play and workshop from start to finish – this would not have been the case in a science lesson! The children wanted to learn and none of them felt excluded for not knowing as much as others. Throughout the Eyes Open team made the children feel that no answer was wrong or silly. Fantastic, professional performance that the children really enjoyed and learnt a lot from.” Lunts Heath Primary School, Halton

Eyes Open is a 50 minute performance followed by a one hour workshop and accompanied by a free resource pack.

There is a short video about Eyes Open to watch below.  If you’d like to chat to us about Eyes Open and its suitability for your pupils, give us a call on 0151 443 0333.