Indus Valley – Ancient Civilisations

Our Indus Valley drama day is brand new for 2021 – and is an amazing wow day to introduce the topic and get children excited about the subject.

Children work with our experienced drama practitioner, working creatively to learn all about the Indus Valley, including:

– When the civilisation existed in accordance with the history of the world
– The jobs of the Indus people and daily life they lived
– The houses they lived in, how they were constructed and why they were important (including things they invented such as a flushing toilet and drainage system)
– The location they lived in between the rivers and how this helped and hindered their daily life
– Inventions and creations of the Indus people
– The Himalayan Mountains
– Toys and games the children played
– How the rich and poor lived
– Animals of the time
– Why their cities collapsed

All of our History in a Days encourage children to become more curious about the history of the UK and the wider world. Our scripts are written to encourage enquiry and discussion and allow children to develop chronological knowledge, as well as contextual understanding of how people lived and survived and the impact of historical periods on how we live today.


For one class of pupils. A fun, immersive day with a performance!

A Learn and Present day is a fun and engaging day that really motivates your pupils  to learn and discover. They’ll spend a full day with one of our talented practitioners, they’ll participate in drama activities, play games, sing songs, and have loads of fun – all while learning about the Romans.  Across the day they’ll explore what life was like in the Indus Valley.

At the end of the day the class present their learning as a performance which is packed with information and facts. The performance is developed by the class across the day and is a huge achievement for them all.  They present with music, costumes and props to an invited audience of parents and to the rest of the school.  It’s loads of fun and the chance to share their learning helps to make the experience memorable and meaningful for pupils.


For up to 4 classes of pupils. An action-packed day of workshops for up to 140 children.

The Explore format is perfect for larger schools as it gives you up to 4 x 60 minute workshops in one school day (you can also do 2 workshops in a day – splitting the day into morning and afternoon.)  Each class works on the topic, learning historical information, facts and figures.  They also spend time thinking about how life in the Indus Valley was different from our lives today.  All learning is delivered through drama games and activities which makes the session fun and accessible to all.

You can also build an EXPLORE day with 4 different topics based on the needs of each class. Pick and Mix your topics from across our wide range of options.

“We had a wonderful, informative and interactive day. Stacey from Altru had a lovely manner with the children and they responded very well to her. Feedback from the children was very positive and having the opportunity to share their performance as the end of the day was fantastic.” Paula Heath – St Thomas More Catholic Primary School