Mayans in a Day explores what it would have been like to live, work, play and eat in Mayan times.  Through drama games, songs and activities which are fun and accessible for pupils, the Mayans in a Day session really brings the historical period to life.

Anyone for Worm Tacos?

You can now choose from 2 exciting options, based on the number of pupils in your cohort and what you’d like to achieve:


For one class of pupils.

A Learn and Present day is a fun and engaging day that really motivates your pupils. They’ll spend a full day with one of our practitioners, doing drama activities, playing games, singing songs, and having loads of fun. Across the day they’ll explore Mayan life and times in a way that is fun and accessible for all in the class.

At the end of the day the class present their learning as a performance with music, costumes and props to an invited audience of parents and the rest of the school.  It’s a really fun performance which gives children the chance to share their learning.  This final performance is a real motivator, and helps to make the experience memorable and meaningful for pupils. See below for learning outcomes.


For up to 4 classes of pupils.  Pix and Mix your topics.

The Explore format is perfect for larger schools as it gives you up to 4 workshops in one school day.  Each class works on the Mayans topic: learning historical information, facts and figures.  They also spend time thinking about how life for the Mayans was different from our lives today. This is all delivered through drama games and activities which make the learning fun and accessible to all.

You can also build an EXPLORE day with 4 different topics based on the needs of each class.

EXPLORE can also be 2 workshops in a day – morning/afternoon – for deeper learning.


Key learning of Mayans in a Day. Children will learn:

  • Mayan inventions and how they came to be – including the calendar.
  • The Mayan currency and how they bought and sold.
  • The Mayan diet and how this was dictated by farm land and conditions.
  • Mayan pass times including Pok-a-Tok

“Very worthwhile, the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt more than expected! 10/10” Claire Potter, Hope Primary, Knowsley