The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

In Sherwood Forest, an outlaw is hiding – his name, of course, is Robin Hood!

Join Robin Hood, Little John, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Lady Marian for an exciting adventure. Your pupils will boo for the baddies, cheer for the goodies, join in with the songs and take part in the show as members of Robin Hood’s troupe of Merry Men. And, course, they’ll learn about friendship, loyalty and fairness – all while enjoying a fantastic treat!

We bring the magic to your school hall in a show that is perfect for the whole school! We bring lights, original music (played live on stage), audience participation and, of course, loads of fun.

“Very entertaining, a great mixture of acting and music and lovely inclusion of the book. Presented completely differently to any other theatre company we’ve worked with in the past. The combination of acting and narrative worked really well – you hooked children into the performance right from the start. The children were engaged from the very beginning and remained so throughout. 10 out of 10.”Sarah Lythe, Teacher, Laithes Primary

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood toured schools in 2018, and was the follow up to 2017’s fabulous and glamorous Emperor’s New Clothes. The performance was full of action and adventure and proved to be the perfect way to get boys engaged in drama, storytelling and imagination.


“All the children were transfixed – and the staff. We all loved the show and thought it was thoughtfully and skillfully put together and presented. Once again, an excellent experience for our school pupils and staff. Altru always provide a high quality product and are fun and imaginative.”Simon Lineton, English Manager, St Anne Stanley Primary

Robin Hood will be back on tour in a few years.  In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about Altru’s Christmas / Classic Tales performances then give us a call on 0151 443 0333 or email


Is the play suitable for everyone in school? 

Yes – we say everyone from reception to Year 6.  They will all enjoy it and have a great time.  We think nursery are a little too young as the play is a full hour, but we’re happy to discuss this with you.

How long does the play last? 

60 minutes in total.

How long do you need to set up? 

The team need around 45 minutes in the hall to set up. In the afternoon, we are happy to do this at one end of the hall, while lunchtime is still being cleaned up.

Do school need to provide anything?

All we need is the hall and an audience.  We bring everything else – set, lights, actors, sound equipment – we are completely self contained.

Are staff DBS checked? 

Absolutely. All Altru staff have enhanced disclosures which can be sent to you prior to the show and the team will have them with them on the day.

Are the team professional actors? 

They are indeed! We only work with professional actors who are used to touring schools and engaging children in theatre.

Do you have insurance? 

We do.  We have 5 million Public Liability Insurance.  A copy of our insurance certificate is always with the acting team for you to view in school.

Can we make a provisional booking?

We can hold a date for you for 24 hours, so that you have time to check the date with everyone in school.

We are a big school – can we have 2 or 3 performances in one day?

Yes you can! Give us a call to discuss the options.

We are a small school – can we have a discount? 

It is unlikely that we will be able to give you a discount, our costs remain the same regardless of the number of children we perform to.  We’d suggest partnering with another school to split the cost perhaps? Do give us a call for a chat about the options here.

What does the performance cost? 

Please give us a call or pop us an email to discuss costs.  We sometimes have special offers and discounts available for particular dates so it’s always worth a chat!

How do I book? 

Call Nadine at the Altru office on 0151 443 0333 or email