Play, Post, Share, Repeat – An Online Safety Performance

PLAY, POST, SHARE, REPEAT is a new performance for 2020 exploring online safety and responsibility.

Tia is 11 years old, and is obsessed with her phone.  She uses loads of apps and games – most of which her parents have no idea about.

But she’s become irresponsible with privacy settings and how she uses her phone, and so her Internet Guardians need to step in and make her see the consequences of her actions.

Enter Iggy and Oggy – two internet guardians who want to help Tia.  But their job isn’t an easy one – and they have to be at their most creative to help Tia see what’s she doing and the impact of her actions.

The play goes on a journey exploring all of the most popular apps and games for 7 – 11 year olds, in a fun, fast paced performance that will help your pupils develop their understanding, all while having fun.

Play, Post, Share, Repeat is a 45 minute performance for all of KS2.  We also offer a free workshop after the performance for 1 selected class or group (school council / e-cadets.)  Additional workshops can also be booked up to 6 in a full day.

Play, Post, Share, Repeat explores:

  • Spending too much time online
  • Talking to stranger online / having followers or ‘friends’ you don’t know in real life
  • Location settings – location maps and how people can find out information about you online
  • Online bullying, mean messages, unkind comments and likes – the impact of this in real life
  • Gaming and the potential ‘rage’ that can occur
  • In app purchasing including using parents accounts and gaming scams
  • Privacy settings
  • Age ratings for apps and games, including the legalities and moral consequences of lying about your age online.

The Apps and games explored in the show include:

  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Fornite
  • Minecraft
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat

Tour dates:

23rd January – 28th February 2020

January & February 2021

“Very informative and funny, but highlighting serious issues that happen online. Good humour and current apps used.  REALLY useful to have in school and reinforce what we do in PSHE lessons.”  Miss Black, Bidston Village Primary School.

Contact us on 0151 443 0333 / to find out about available dates.

We do not believe Play, Post, Share, Repeat is suitable for Key Stage 1, as online use is so different for the different Key Stages.  We do offer workshops for KS1 on the topic of Online Safety, which can be planned in a bespoke way to support the specific issues facing your pupils.  Get in touch for more information.