Sticks and Phones – Anti-Bullying Performance

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones; but names will never hurt me’ goes the old saying. But how easy is it to brush off an insult, turn your back on peer pressure or ignore a nasty text message?

Designed to appeal to children aged 5 – 11, and with layers of meaning that will apply to each age group, ‘Sticks & Phones’ is an engaging way of allowing children to consider their attitudes towards cyber-bullying, friendship and difference.

Maya and Ally have been best friends forever. But they’re growing up – and growing apart. Ally wants to sing in the school play and Maya couldn’t imagine anything worse. When Moz and Jaz, the school bullies, start picking on Ally, Maya has to make a choice – get involved in the bullying or get picked on too.

“The performance was extremely powerful and fully reinforced the messages that we constantly give to the children. They gained strategies on how to deal with a bullying incident and learnt about using their voices, body language and thinking before reacting. The children were totally engaged throughout and wanted to see it all again.” Liz O’Brien, Headteacher, St Dominic’s Primary, Hertfordshire.

Sticks and Phones is a 45 minute performance for the whole school which explores:
– The reasons why people bully
– The consequences of bullying
– Forms that bullying can take, including the use of new technology like the internet and text messaging
– How to seek help if you are being bullied
– The role of the bystander – how we can all make a difference to prevent bullying.

The performance is watched by the whole school and is then followed by a free workshop for one class of children. You can also book additional workshops to allow more pupils to get involved.

Sticks and Phones will be touring in November to complement schools’ work for National Anti-Bullying Week.