Super Learning Week at Riverview Primary School, Manchester

Riverview Primary were planning a super learning week for October 2015 and got in touch to see if we could help; we jumped at the chance! The theme for the week was geography and the school wanted us to work with every class from Year 1 to Year 6.

We spent time planning a range of creative activities that would help the children to explore the topic and help teachers meet their objectives.

For Key Stage 1 we turned the hall into a living map of the UK, and through drama games and a singing trail children learnt about the 4 different countries of the UK, their culture, traditions, weather and more!

In Key Stage 2 we wanted to give the children geography based challenges and so for Years 5 and 6 we created a country challenge session. Each child was in a nominated group of either Japan, Russia, The United States of America, Nigeria or Australia and, once in their groups, set a series of challenges. Children got busy creating a weather report for their country, a living postcard using freeze frames, the nation’s flag out of swathes of material and a rap including facts and information about their group’s country.

The 3 days were lots of fun both for our practitioner Barry and the pupils involved. We love creating work that meets the needs of individual schools and planning sessions that challenge and motivate pupils. Give us a call if you’d like to chat about ideas for super learning projects in your school.