The Great Fire Of London KS1 Activities & Drama Workshops

The Great Fire Of London KS1 activities & drama workshops allow to develop their knowledge and understanding through fun and participation.  This is learning that really sticks!

Pupils learn about how the fire started, why it spread so quickly and the impact on the city and people of London – all in just one school day.  They perform as the characters, explore the emotion and learn about the timeline.  The learning is pupil led and completely inclusive.

You can choose to have us work with one class for the whole day, or run a series of workshops across the day for up to 4 classes.  Take a look at the options below – both of which help children understand history by bringing the subject to life.


For one class of pupils. An exciting & memorable day – with a performance at the end.

A Learn and Present day is a fun and engaging day that really motivates your pupils.

Pupils spend a full day with one of our talented practitioners taking part in drama activities which are all themed around The Great Fire of London.  Across the day they explore the topic and at the end of the day present their learning as a performance to an invited audience which can include other classes and parents too.

The performance element of the day is fun for children, and a huge achievement.  We know that it also makes learning memorable because children are active and participating all day.

Key learning in The Great Fire of London Learn and Present.

Children will learn:

– Key dates.
– The historical context of the Great Fire of London – after the plague.
– Names of important people and the role they played in the Great Fire of London, including Samuel Pepys.
– How the fire started and why it spread so quickly.
– Significant buildings that were affected by the fire.
– How London changed to ensure the fire could never happen again.


For up to 4 classes of pupils.  Pix and Mix your topics to create your perfect learning experience.

The Explore format is perfect for larger schools as it gives you up to 4 workshops in one school day.  Each class works on the topic, learning historical information about the Great Fire and the context in which the fire happened.  They also spend time thinking about how life in 1666 was different from modern life.  All learning is delivered through drama games and activities which make the workshops fun and accessible to all.

EXPLORE can also be 2 workshops in a day – morning/afternoon – for deeper learning.

We’d love to help your pupils learn about the Great Fire of London , so give us a call if you’d like to work with us this school year.  A drama day is perfect for the start for a topic, works brilliantly in the middle to inspire and motivate pupils or is great at the end of a topic to assess learning and celebrate.

Give Dan a call for more information and to chat about discount options for multiple bookings – 0151 443 0333.