The Noise Keepers – Anti-Bullying Performance

Let’s make a noise about bullying with The Noise Keepers!

This Anti-Bullying performance will transport your pupils to the world of The Noise Keepers – where every noise must be boxed, kept and categorised for future reference.  There they’ll meet Bert, who is head of the Childhood Noises Division. Bert loves his job because children make the most interesting noises.

One day Bert receives a box containing no noise at all and so he begins an adventure to help Scarlet – a little girl who is struggling to tell anyone about the problems she’s having at school.

The Noise Keepers is a 45 minute performance for the whole school which explores:

  • The importance of speaking out if you are being bullied
  • Consequences of bullying
  • The reasons why people bully
  • Forms that bullying can take, including the use of new technology like the internet and text messaging
  • How to seek help if you are being bullied
  • The importance of valuing each other’s differences

The performance is watched by the whole school and is then followed by a free workshop for one class of children. You can also book additional workshops.  You also receive a resource pack and a certificate for your school.

The Noise Keepers will be touring West Midlands, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire in November 2017 to complement schools’ work for National Anti-Bullying Week. More information about National Anti-Bullying Week, which is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance can be found here:

“Outstanding. Pitched perfectly for both KS1 and KS2. Would highly recommend!” Nichola Horsley, SENCO/PSHE Coordinator, Garrett Hall Primary School, Manchester

Give us a call for more information about availability and costs.  We are a small company and aim to keep costs low in order to make our work accessible.