Think the Victorian times are boring? Think again! Our exciting Victorians in a Day allows children to develop their understanding of Victorian life, work and leisure and shows them just how difficult life was for children under Queen Victoria’s rule.

Across one school day, pupils learns a huge amount about the Victorian Era of British History and in the Learn and Present format turn those facts, dates and information into a fantastic play, which can be showcased to an audience of your choice. They become street children, physicalize a machine in a cotton mill and celebrate as Lord Shaftesbury changes life for the better for children – and all in just one day!

The Victorians is one of our oldest workshops, we’ve been delivering the topic for years and our talented practitioners know how to bring it to life for pupils in an exciting way that will make them want to learn more.

Choose your format – either Learn and Present or Explore – depending upon how many children you’d like us to work with.


For one class of children. Perfect for deeper learning or as a wow starter!

A Learn and Present day is a fun way to learn and a really engaging day that motivates and inspires your pupils. They’ll spend a full day with one of our practitioners, doing drama activities, playing games, singing songs, and having loads of fun.  During all of this fun and excitement, they’ll also learn a huge amount – as every activity is tailored to the topic and helps pupils make progress.

At the end of the day the class present their learning as a performance with music, costumes and props to an invited audience of parents and the rest of the school. It’s loads of fun and the chance to share their learning helps to make the experience memorable and meaningful for pupils. Schools are consistently amazed at what we manage to achieve with their pupils in one day.


An action packed day of workshops – we can work with up to 140 pupils in just one day!

The Explore format is perfect for larger schools as it gives you up to 4 workshops in one school day (you can also choose to have 2 workshops, splitting the day into morning and afternoon.)  Each class works on the Victorians topic – learning historical information, facts, dates and about key historical figures. They also spend time thinking about how life has changed since Victorian times and about the very different way that children lived during the period.  All learning is delivered through drama games and activities which makes the workshops fun and accessible to all.

You can also build an EXPLORE day with 4 different topics based on the needs of each class.

Key learning in The Victorians in a Day

Children will learn about:

– Key dates during the period.
– Queen Victoria – her coronation and reign.
– Children at work in the mills, with a focus on the dangers faced by these children.
– Children at work in the mines, the different jobs that children did and what these entailed.
– How different life was for rich and poor children.
– Lord Shaftesbury and the changes he made to life for children in the Victorian times.
– Significant ‘firsts’ during Victorian times including photographs, Christmas cards and football.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be attempting to implement some of the teaching approaches myself in other areas of learning.  Most importantly, the children loved it.  Caters for all different styles of learning and they retain a lot of information as a result. Children learn effectively through a hands on approach and enjoy being out of the classroom.” Mrs Leah, Sacred Heart Primary School, Manchester