‘Time to be Different’ Anti-Bullying Performance

An Anti-Bullying performance package which is perfect for primary schools.  Time to be Different was developed to explore the Anti-Bulling Alliance’s theme for 2017 – All Different, All Equal.

Lucy doesn’t live with her Mum at the moment.

Lucy is a vegetarian. 

Lucy doesn’t like the same things as the other girls in her class. 

Lucy is special and unique and, according to Izzy, different.  And, apparently, being different isn’t a good thing.

But when Lucy’s Uncle, who just happens to be building a time machine, hears about what’s been happening in school, he decides it’s time to show Izzy that bullying is not ok.  And so begins Izzy’s time travelling adventure, where she learns what being different really means and what the consequences of being a bully could be.

Join Altru’s professional actors as they bring Time to be Different to your school hall this Anti-Bullying Week.  The performance explores what it means to be ‘different’ and why some people are unkind of those who are different from themselves.  As the characters travel back in time, children will learn that we are all different and that it is important to treat every one with respect.

Time to be Different was created to support the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s theme for 2017 ‘All Different, All Equal.’  Altru is proud to be an Associate Member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance and we work hard each year to support their work by exploring the causes and effects of bullying with children and young people.

Time to Be Different helps children learn about:

  • Different types of bullying – physical, cyber, emotional and verbal bullying.
  • The importance of valuing and celebrating difference.
  • The impact of our actions on others.
  • Communicating effectively with others, even if they are different from you
  • Different family set ups and how important and special this diversity is
  • What to do if you are being bullied – places to seek support and who to talk to

Time to be Different can be booked now for November 2019 from just £550 + vat.  This price includes a performance for the whole school, 1 free workshop for a class of your choice and a follow up resource pack for teachers to use back in class (emailed to you prior to the performance so teachers can plan to embed the performance into classroom work.)

Altru’s actors are all professionally trained actors and educators, with full enhanced DBS checks and years of experience of working in primary schools.  The Altru team is led by Kate Cotterell, a former teacher, who writes Altru’s performances and works with the actors and director to draw out the educational and PSHE/SMSC themes.

For more information about Time to be Different, give us a call on 0151 443 0333 or email hello@altru.co.uk

More information about The Anti-Bullying Alliance can be found here.