Under the Sea Play in a Day

The Under the Sea Play in a Day is loads of fun for pupils and is our only puppet Play in a Day! We fill your school hall with sea creatures and every child plays an underwater character.

Your pupils will work with the practitioner for a full school day, exploring the story of a Turtle family who are bored of the sea. The other sea creature characters (played by your pupils) can’t believe it and set about convincing the Turtles that the sea is the place to be! At the end of the school day, pupils perform their play for your invited audience of other classes and/or parents and celebrate their new learning and confidence.

All of Science Play in a Days allow children to develop a greater understanding of the world around them. We use scientific terms to help children develop their vocabulary and introduce key concepts of scientific enquiry. The Under the Sea Play in a Day has been specifically developed to link into the ‘Animals, including humans’ element of the National Curriculum.

The structure of a Play in a Day:

– We start with warm ups and ‘getting to know you’ activities
– Then we move on to exploring the topic, through games and activities.
– We begin work on the play with all children having the chance to speak and perform. Children are not given scripts, lines are delivered orally and remembered through action & repetition – this makes the Play in a Day format totally accessible and inclusive.
– We reinforce learning and understanding throughout the day through questioning, break out activities and plenary games.
– Children are given costume and props and we integrate music during the day too!
– Around 2:30pm your invited audience arrive – this can be another class, the rest of the school and/or parents.
– The performance takes place – children put everything they’ve learnt into practice.
– Following wild applause, children are presented with a certificate and your class teacher gets a lovely resource pack of follow up activities to do in class.

Key learning in the Under the Sea Play in a Day. Children will learn about:

– The importance of water for planet earth.
– Different types of animals – molluscs, crustaceans, reptiles and mammals – and their key features.
– The habitats of different animals and why certain animals live where they do.
– The different oceans on earth – their names and key features.
– What the sea is used and useful for.

“A brilliant, well organised day with a superb blend of games, play and script. The children learned facts about oceans and sea creatures as well as drama techniques. They absolutely loved it and it promoted active learning. 10/10” Sharron Davidson, KS1 Leader, Halewood C of E Primary, Knowsley