What’s Up Alfie?

A performance about mental health for Key Stage 1

‘What’s Up Alfie?’ helps children to be more resilient by exploring difficult feelings and negative behaviour. The play offers practical solutions to dealing with angry feelings, falling out with friends and finding school work difficult.

Alfie is struggling with friendships, school work and arguments at home. He finds it hard to manage his feelings, sometimes getting angry and lashing out. One afternoon Grandad finds Alfie hidden up in the loft and the two go on adventure as Grandad tries to work out what is up with Alfie.

The whole session is an invaluable tool for teachers in exploring:

  • how to deal with angry feelings and behaviour
  • being kind and respectful of others
  • being resilient and not giving up
  • positive friendship and relationships
  • managing stress
  • when to ask for help and who to ask

‘What’s Up Alfie?’ is performed in the round in your school hall. The performance lasts for 35 minutes and is followed by two short workshops for two Key Stage 1 classes.

‘What’s Up Alfie?’ is on tour during October 2019, to mark World Mental Health Day.

We have a lovely information pack with more details and photos showing ‘What’s Up Alfie?’ in action. The pack also gives links between the performance and the PSHE Association’s PSHE Education Programme of Study for Key Stage 1.  If you would like to receive a copy of the information pack simply send us an email to hello@altru.co.uk with the subject line ‘Alfie Information Pack Request’

The booking process for all of our performances is simple – give us a call on 0151 443 0333 or pop us an email on hello@altru.co.uk

“We have really enjoyed ourselves this afternoon. The children liked watching the show and taking part in the activities. The pace of the workshop was really good. The children now have a good understanding about mental health and know how to deal with their emotions – thank you! 10/10.” Teacher, Lander Road Primary School, Sefton

“The children enjoyed the performance which tackled mental health issues in a child friendly way. They learnt how to notice someone’s feelings and how best to deal with it. The children loved the drama activities and discussion about emotions. 10/10.”  Teacher, St Joseph’s RC Primary, Rochdale

“An engaging and tactful way of introducing young children to how emotions effect well being and the concepts of mental health. The children were introduced to coping strategies and new ways to deal with their own and others changing emotions. They enjoyed exploring their own emotions and acting skills. 10/10.” Teacher, St Paul’s Heathside Primary, Salford

In Spring 2018, we toured ‘What’s Up Alfie?’ to schools across the North West.  The response we received from teachers and pupils was incredible.  Click below to take a look at some of the tweets, photos and follow up work we were sent:

Alfie online response 2018