Our World War 2 in a Day is extremely poignant for pupils, but also lots of fun, as they learn about life during the war with a particular focus on evacuation.

All of our History in a Days encourage children to become more curious about the history of the UK and the wider world. Our sessions are planned to encourage discussion and to allow children to develop chronological knowledge, as well as contextual understanding of how people lived and the impact of historical periods on how we live today.

You can now choose from 2 exciting options, based on the number of pupils in your cohort and what you’d like to achieve:


For one class of pupils.

Based on the always popular Play in a Day format, a Learn and Present day is a fun and engaging day that really motivates your pupils. They’ll spend a full day with one of our practitioners, doing drama activities, playing games, singing songs, and having loads of fun. Across the day they’ll learn lots about World War II, with a particular focus on human experience and evacuation.  They’ll use their new knowledge to create a short performance which is packed full of facts and information (and some brilliant sound effects and audio from the archives.)

At the end of the day the class present their learning as a performance with music, costumes and props to an invited audience of parents and the rest of the school.  The whole experience is extremely rewarding and, as well as learning lots of information the day inspires and motivates pupils to want to learn more. .


For up to 4 classes of pupils.

The Explore format is perfect for larger schools as it gives you up to 4 workshops in one school day.  Each class works on the World War II topic for around an hour, learning historical information, facts and figures as well as exploring the human experience of the war and the impact the second World War has had on us today.  This is all delivered through drama games and activities, which makes the learning fun and accessible to all.

You can also build an EXPLORE day with 4 different topics based on the needs of each class.

Key learning of World War 2 in a Day. Children will learn about:

– Key dates.
– The commencement of war – why it happened and who was affected.
– The British perception that it would be ‘over by Christmas.’
– Air raids and bombings.
– Evacuation – what it was, who it happened to and why.
– Life during the war – including rationing, making do and not dropping your weekly egg!
– The end of the war – D Day.

“Altru’s World War II in a day expanded our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of life during World War 2 and helped them gain a greater understanding of life as evacuees.  The day really does improve each child’s sense of achievement as they are not put in ability groups but are able to participate and work with children of different abilities. Each child was made to feel valued and encouraged to join in.” Mrs Parks, Class Teacher, St Robert Bellarmine Primary School, Sefton

World War II in a Day costs just £295 + vat for schools in the North West (a small additional charge for travel is applicable in other areas.)  Can we visit your school this year? Give us a call today.