You, Me and Us – Anti-Bullying Performance

You, Me and Us is a performance for children in key stage 1 and 2, which explores bullying and difference.
Charlie has always thought of himself as different. His mum calls him special. His teacher says he’s unique. But deep down Charlie thinks being different is a bad thing – and he wishes everyone was just exactly the same.

One day Charlie gets his wish – as he wakes up in a world where everything is grey, everyone has to play the same games and eat the same foods. There’s no colour, light or excitement in this new world and soon Charlie begins thinking that maybe difference isn’t so bad after all!

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Pupils were enthusiastic about the show and workshop. You had a lovely manner and catered brilliantly for all pupils (particularly one with SEN.) Very valuable – pupils said that they learned that it is good to be different and thought about why someone might bully. Thank you! 10/10” Miss Roberts, High Oakham Primary, Nottinghamshire

You, Me and Us is a 45 minute performance for the whole school which explores:

– The reasons why people bully
– The consequences of bullying
– The importance of being different and unique
– Forms that bullying can take, including the use of new technology like the internet and text messaging
– How to seek help if you are being bullied

The performance is watched by the whole school and is then followed by a free workshop for one class of children. You can also book additional workshops to allow more pupils to get involved.

You, Me and Us will be touring the Midlands and South East in November to complement schools’ work for National Anti-Bullying Week.