25th April 2016by NadineLatest News


Monday Round Up

We had a busy week last week! Monday was our weekly literacy sessions in Broadgreen Primary, check out Kerry in action:

Kerry was helping Year 2 plan their adventure stories by using drama to improve literacy for Key Stage 1. The children have made great progress over the past few weeks, there’s been a huge improvement in their work.

Tuesday, Katie was delivering a Superheroes and Justice Play in a Day in Huyton with Roby with Year 4. Ady was shadowing and delivered his very first Play in a Day the day after! Well done Ady!

This is what the school had to say about the day:

“Fantastic, lively and funny. Couldn’t fault it. Very engaging and enjoyable for them, something they won’t forget. They grew in confidence and their speaking and listening skills. I feel the children really have a better understanding of the meaning of justice. The children really came out of their shell, the quiet children who normally lack confidence gained this. 10/10.” (Class Teacher, Huyton with Roby Primary).

Nicole also delivered her first Play in a Day on Tuesday in St Paul’s Heathside. This was her first solo delivery, her topic was Under the Sea with Year 2 and she did brilliantly! Under the Sea is for Key Stage 1 and is filled with lots of fish puppets, a great day for the little ones. Year 1 in St Martin’s primary in Runcorn absolutely loved Friendship and Cooperation – this was the very first time they had done drama and they all did so well.

Also on Tuesday, Kate was out and about in Halton delivering her weekly SPAG sessions, as part of the SliCE programme, in All Saints Primary and Victoria Road Primary. This week’s session focussed on understanding modal verbs and becoming verb detectives and a lot of fun was had by all!

We were back in St Paul’s Heathside on Thursday – Gemma was delivering a Powerful Plants Play in a Day. This box is filled with pretty flower costumes that always prove popular! The class teacher said: “The children had a lovely time and enjoyed their learning. They gained knowledge about the bees pollinating flowers and collecting nectar.”

A special visitor popped by on Friday to Upton Priory in Macclesfield during Ed’s Macbeth Play in a Day – MP David Rutley. He loved helping Year 4 to celebrate Shakespeare Day:

They wanted to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and decided that a Play in a Day in the theme of Macbeth would be the perfect way to do this!

See you next Monday for a round up of what we’ve been up to throughout the week!