Casts for 3 Anti-Bullying Tours Announced!

12th October 2016by NadineUncategorised

We have finally secured our wonderful casts for our three anti-bullying shows!

We have three performances touring the country during the whole month of November to coincide w ith anti-bullying week.  Each show carries a different message and has been developed to explore the various types of bullying. They also explore what to do if you are being bullied or know someone who is.

Performances are suitable for reception – year 6. They come with a free workshop to explore the characters, evoke discussion and challenge issues raised throughout show.

So who have we cast and what parts will they play?!

You, Me & Us

Barry Mason – Dad, Nando, Mason, Mr Names, Bouncer 1baz-headshot Gemma Banks -Mum, Mrs Rickett, Delia, Stevie, Bel, Bouncer 2


Tom Byrnes – Charltom-byrne-passport-photoie

The Noise Keepers

Ady Thompson – Bert


Laura Gregory – Scarletlaura Dora Colquhoun – Rosedora

Superhero School

Darren Begley – Max

Emma Hirons – Candy


Kiefer Lewis – Mikey, Rain


We’re super excited to work with all three casts and can’t wait for rehearsals to begin at the end of the month!

We still have (limited) slots available, get in touch with the office if you would like to secure yours.