We Welcomed October in with a Bang!

10th October 2016by NadineLatest News


Happy Monday everyone! Just a quick update on what we’ve been up to over the past week:

Play in a Days

Road Dahl is one of our most popular play in a days, we delivered 3 of them last week! It’s a great play and includes lots of learning about Roald Dahl himself as well as an introduction to some of his most love stories. Along the way we meet characters from his stories, including a terrifying encounter with the Witches, a stumble through Aunt Spiker and Sponge’s garden, a trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and a meeting with the horrible Mr and Mrs Twit! Mrs Mitchell, Y4 teacher at Holy Rosary Primary said:

“The children had a fantastic day, they grew in confidence as the day went on and loved their performance. They were able to use their knowledge in a fun way and also got to work as a team. It will be a catalyst for the study of further Roald Dahl books. 10/10.”

Barry was in St Robert Bellarmine Primary in Bootle and this week the topic was the Pool of Life! This is a great play in a day and is all about the local history of Liverpool. Across a full school day, one class of children will develop their knowledge, skills and confidence and, at the end of the day, put it all into practice in a play that rounds off with a sing-a-long of one of Liverpool’s most famous songs. All of our history Play in a Days encourage children to become more curious about the history of the UK and the wider world.  Paul Connell, the year 2 teacher said:

“A very enjoyable, well organised day that the children loved. They learn so much without even realising it. It engages children who can struggle in a classroom situation, particularly developing speaking and listening skills. 10/10.”

SPaG-TASTIC Sessions for Braod Green!

Kate was back in Broad Green Primary for her second session on Wednesday, tackling the tricky topic of SPaG! This week she focused on action verbs and used a fun, sentence structure game to help year 3 remember what an action verb is and when to use them.

Shakespeare Schools Festival 2016

Through October & November we’re supporting teachers and schools who are taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. This great initiative uses a rigorous and supportive process to train teachers and young people in an active and ambitious way of working with Shakespeare.  We’re providing council-funded workshops with teachers and pupils across Knowsley, to help them get the most out of their chosen Shakespeare play. This week we were working with year 5 and 6 in St Joseph’s Primary on Romeo & Juliet.

That was a brief round-up of the past week, do come back next week for more Altru news!