The Monkey Project

The Monkey Project is our big literacy project – which offers huge results for schools.

The Monkey Project works by getting children excited about writing; engaging them in fast paced drama workshops which fire their imaginations and encourage them to be creative.

Each session is a combination of drama games, activities which model good writing and individual writing time, where children a new story each week in their own Monkey Journal.

Each week is themed, and themes are chosen to match your needs as a school. Themes include: structure, dialogue, characters, writing from a stimulus and persuasive writing.

We spend 6 days in school across 6 weeks, giving up to 105 children the opportunity to grow, develop and improve their writing skills. At the end of this period we take away all of the Monkey Journals and read each story, giving children praise, encouragement and feedback.

We then select around 20 stories and create a performance which inspires and motivates the children – crediting them individually (or as a group) with writing each story. The performance is taken from your children’s stories, often verbatim, and is totally unique to your school. The piece is around 60 minutes long and performed by your Monkey team teachers and another 5 talented actors. Children watch in amazement as their stories are turned into songs, poems, raps, dramas, comedies, trailers and news reports. Parents can also come along and share in the excitement and joy of a Monkey Performance – written by your amazing pupils.

For more information about the Monkey Project and how it all works contact us on 0151 443 0333. Or use this link to download the information sheet.

We are extremely thankful to Chicago based Barrel of Monkeys for giving our director Kate a home in October 2012 and sharing their amazing process with her. We bring our version of the Monkey Project to you with their blessing. You can find more about Barrel of Monkeys here.