Altru News This Week – 16/05/2016

16th May 2016by NadineLatest News


E-Safety Performance Rehearsals Begin!

Rehearsals for Tangled Web, our E-safety performance, got underway this week! We were lucky enough to secure the same fantastic cast as last time. Gemma, Laura and Michael were joined by Graham who was directing the piece for the second time as well.

Tangled Web is touring North West primary schools for the next two weeks and focusses on Brodie, Jay and Lily who have been banished to an Internet Safety Laboratory for using the web in the wrong (and potentially dangerous) way.

Brodie, Jay and Lily all love using the internet, who doesn’t? It’s a great way to stay in touch, feel connected and learn new things. However, it isn’t always fun and games as the three children quickly find out. They each have a story to tell about a time when they’ve felt unsafe or vulnerable while using the Internet. Can they learn from each other’s mistakes and stay safer online?

Tangled Web has been designed by Altru, to help children explore and identify risks associated with using the internet. Through watching the characters’ stories, children learn about the dangers of online use and consider ways that they can make their own Internet use safer.

Tangled Web is a valuable resource as it helps children learn:

  • How to keep their personal information safe online
  • About age restrictions and recommendations for websites
  • How to navigate friendships online and stay away from cyber bullying
  • To be aware about people giving false information and that people may not be who they appear to be online
  • The consequences of unsafe Internet use, including the fact that things online often cannot be removed or ‘taken back’

The performance is for everyone in KS2 and is accompanied by a free workshop and resource pack of follow up activities for use back in class.

The class teacher from Green Park Primary, who had Tangled Web in school on Friday 13th May, said:

“Really current and appropriate. Children thoroughly enjoyed it and were hooked from the start. Actors really engaged them. Very appropriate. 10/10.”

Tangled Web was produced to coincide with Safer Internet Day 2016 and proved so popular, we are now touring it for the second time! We have a limited number of slots still available for next week, get in touch to secure yours!