26th September 2016by NadineLatest News


Transition Project a Roaring Success!

It’s the start of another glorious week here at Altru HQ! We’ve had lots going on over the last couple of weeks, it feels great to be back in the swing of a brand new school year!

Barry has been working on a transition project in various primary schools in Knowsley. The project was funded by All Saints Catholic High School in Kirkby and involved Barry delivering seven Play in a Days to Year 6 classes to ease their fears and worries about heading to high school. We’ve had an amazing response from the work carried out and they already want to book the same project for next year! Laura Kildare, a teacher in one of the schools we were working with said:

“Brilliant day! Thoroughly enjoyed and packed with activities. The children learn new information with through use of drama to channel new learning and creates greater cohesion between the year group. Develops teamwork, transition work, communication skills and fun! 10/10”

Play in a Days Delivered This Week

Year 5 in St Paul’s CoE in Salford, one of our most regular clients, were working on an Anglo Saxons Play in a Day with Tamsin. They had a great day and loved learning all about the topic through different drama games and activities. This is a really fun topic and has lots of regal costumes and royal cloaks and crowns. Parents were invited to watch their performance at the end of the day and they blew their socks off!

Sam was in St Robert Bellarmine working on WW2 with year 6. The World War 2 Play in a Day is a particularly moving play as the children about what life was like during the war, particularly focusing on evacuation. It’s also lots of fun, interesting and has lots of great costumes and props to go with it! The year 6 teacher had this to say on the day:

“The content is really relevant. Sam was very patient and positive with the class. The children cover a lot of content in an engaging and motivating way. This was the beginning of the topic so the children learnt a great deal about life during WW2. 10/10.”

After School Club For Prescot Primary

This week we started our second after school club in Prescot Primary! This is very exciting for us, the children absolutely loved it and can’t wait to come back next week! Everyone is welcome from year 1 to 6, Kerry spent the afternoon doing drama games and activities with the group and also can’t wait to return every week. Well done to all that attended the session!

That is just a small slice of some of things we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks. It’s hard to fit everything into one bulletin so please do come back next week for some more weekly news!