The Law / History / Rights & Responsibilities

When British Values landed on the new curriculum, we weren’t sure what to make of it! And we know many teachers felt the same way.  Over the course of a year, we’ve piloted and trialled workshops and Play in a Days in schools and we found the subject to be enormous – much too big to cover in just one day.  So, we’ve worked hard and feel we’ve now hit on a formula to suit every British Values need.

The result is not one but 3 Play in a Days which explore a particular aspect of British Values and allow you to hone in and what matters to you as a school.

British Values: The Law

This Play in a Day focused on democracy in the UK.  How laws are made and upheld and how our country has developed over the years.

British Values: History

This Play in a Day takes a look at the rich history of the UK, with a particular focus on the moments in history that have contributed to the society we live in today.

British Values: Rights and Responsibilities

This Play in a Day is all about exploring our rights and responsibilities as British citizens.

Each Play in a Day is distinct and unique, so the same class could do all 3 Play in a Days to get the full picture, or you could offer them to different year groups to spread the knowledge.  You can, of course, just pick one and have that alone – as a great introduction to British Values and what it means to us.

The structure of a Play in a Day:

  • We start with warm ups and ‘getting to know you’ activities
  • Then we move on to exploring the topic, through games and activities.
  • We begin work on the play – the class include their own ideas and opinions and develop scenes, songs, poems and raps to go into the performance. Children are not given scripts, lines are delivered aurally and remembered through action & repetition – this makes the Play in a Day format totally accessible and inclusive.
  • We reinforce learning and understanding throughout the day through questioning, break out activities and plenary games.
  • Children are given costume and props and we integrate music during the day too!
  • Around 2:30pm your invited audience arrive – this can be another class, the rest of the school and/or parents.
  • The performance takes place – children put everything they’ve learnt into practice.
  • Following wild applause, children are presented with a certificate and your class teacher gets a lovely resource pack of follow up activities to do in class.

“A fab, enjoyable day where the children learnt without even knowing it. They now know more about British Values and they worked together as a team.” Donna Wellings, Class Teacher, Cambridge Road Primary, Cheshire