Olympics 2016 Play in a Day

The Olympics are just around the corner and we’re excited to help children learn about the rich history of the games as well as the host city Rio de Janeiro.

Across a full school day one class of children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the Olympics and apply that knowledge to creating and performing their own play all about the Games.  The play can be performed to the whole school community at the end of the day, spreading the learning and creating a real Olympic buzz in school.

The structure of a Play in a Day:

– We start with warm ups and ‘getting to know you’ activities
– Then we move on to exploring the topic, through games and activities.
– We begin work on the play – the class include their own ideas and opinions and develop scenes, songs, poems and raps to go into the performance.
– We reinforce learning and understanding throughout the day through questioning, break out activities and plenary games.
– Children are given costume and props and we integrate music during the day too!
– Around 2:30pm your invited audience arrive – this can be another class, the rest of the school and/or parents.
– The performance takes place – children put everything they’ve learnt into practice.
– Following wild applause, children are presented with a certificate and your class teacher gets a lovely resource pack of follow up activities to do in class.

During the Olympics Play in a Day children will explore:

  • The First ever Olympics in Ancient Greece
  • The history of the games – how they were banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius & brought back by educator & sportsman Baron de Courbertin
  • Who has won most Olympic medals
  • Interesting places Olympics has been held
  • First torch relay in 1936 in Berlin
  • The Olympic logo and motto and their importance to the games
  • The cancellation of the Games in 1916 and between 1940 – 1944 because of WW1 & WW2.
  • Where the Olympics will be held this year – 2016 Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
  • What the Olympics mean to us – how their values can help us to be better people and strive for excellence.

To book your Olympics Play in a Day please give us a call on 0151 443 0333 or email hello@altru.co.uk