Pirates in a Day is a fun and engaging day which helps children to learn about myths and legends connected to pirates as they undergo their pirate training!

Between one and four classes of children can develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in one of our innovative formats.  Pirates in a Day is packed with historical information, but it’s also a wonderful way to make learning fun and infuse your young pupils with confidence, enthusiasm and key skills such as speaking, listening, problem solving and team work.

Choose from one of our formats – Learn and Present or Explore – depending upon how many children you’d like us to work with.


For one class of children.  An action packed day which ends with a performance!

Based on the always popular Play in a Day format, a Learn and Present day is a fun and engaging day that really inspires your pupils.  They’ll spend a full day with one of our practitioners, doing drama activities, playing games, singing songs, and having loads of fun.  Across the day they’ll be immersed in Pirate training and learn all about the Pirate’s Code.  They’ll also learn historical information through drama games and songs which make the learning fun and memorable.

At the end of the day the class present their learning as a performance with music, costumes and props to an invited audience of parents and the rest of the school.  It’s loads of fun and the chance to share their learning helps to make the experience memorable and meaningful for pupils.


For 2, 3 or 4 classes of children.  Everyone takes part in an engaging drama workshop.

The Explore format is perfect for larger schools as it gives you up to 4 workshops in one school day.  Each class works on the Pirates topic, learning historical information, facts and myths as well as exploring Pirate training and the Pirates code.  All learning is delivered through drama games and activities which makes the learning fun and accessible to all.

You can also build an EXPLORE day with 4 different topics based on the needs of each class.




Key learning of Pirates in a Day

Children will learn about:

– The Pirates Code.
– Pirate clothing and food and superstitions connected with these.
– Famous myths and legends about pirates and sea travel.
– Pirate vocabulary.
– Parts of a boat, their names and uses.

“Brilliant – a great starting point for our new pirates topic. Children loved it! The practitioner had lots of energy and we all learned lots about pirates. A Play in a Day definitely builds confidence and excitement for an upcoming topic.” Becky Williams, Class Teacher, St Saviours Catholic Primary, Cheshire.