Talking Rubbish Play in a Day

The news is in – we need to do more to support our planet.

Across a full school day, your pupils will work with our practitioner to develop their understanding about the 3 Rs – reducing, reusing and recycling.  They’ll create a fun performance, based on a news report, which highlights the important of taking care of the environment for us, the natural world and animals.  We’ll meet bin men, fed up of the increasing amount we throw away, a family of monkeys who are being kicked out of their tree home and explore what small changed we can all make individually to help our planet for the future.

All of our Science Play in a Days allow children to develop a greater understanding of the world around them.  We use scientific terms to help children develop their vocabulary and introduce key concepts of scientific enquiry.

The structure of a Play in a Day:

  • We start with warm ups and ‘getting to know you’ activities
  • Then we move on to exploring the topic, through games and activities.
  • We begin work on the play with all children having the chance to speak and perform. Children are not given scripts, lines are delivered orally and remembered through action & repetition – this makes the Play in a Day format totally accessible and inclusive.
  • We reinforce learning and understanding throughout the day through questioning, break out activities and plenary games.
  • Children are given costume and props and we integrate music during the day too!
  • Around 2:30pm your invited audience arrive – this can be another class, the rest of the school and/or parents.
  • The performance takes place – children put everything they’ve learnt into practice.
  • Following wild applause, children are presented with a certificate and your class teacher gets a lovely resource pack of follow up activities to do in class.

Key learning in the Talking Rubbish Play in a Day. Children will learn about:

  • Reducing the amount we use and practical strategies to do this.
  • Reusing items and how this can help cut down on environmental damage.
  • The importance of recycling for the natural world.
  • Climate change and its impact.
  • Small changes that can make a big difference to our planet.

“A brilliant day, Katie from Altru was excellent. 10/10” Mike Chambers, Class Teacher, Millbrook Primary, Knowsley