Weekly Wows at St Martin’s Primary, Halton

We’ve been delivering projects at St Martin’s Primary School in Halton for a number of years now and we love working with the super creative staff and pupils. The school have seen the value of continuous delivery over the last 4 years as each class of pupils has developed their drama skills and creativity alongside their curriculum knowledge.

Each term one of our team works with 2 selected classes and creates drama workshops that link specifically into their class based work.  Through the continuous delivery model, we’ve had the opportunity to work on Martin Luther King, The Owl Babies and Alien Landings – to name a few! It’s a diverse and fun mix and our strong working relationship with the school staff has always ensured that the work is tailored exactly to the needs of the pupils. The 6 weeks of sessions have clear learning objectives and are planned in partnership with teaching staff, they also lead to a small sharing of work for other pupils and parents too.

Parents and pupils have been delighted with the work produced by the classes and their teachers astonished with the depth of understanding children had shown about, often difficult, topics.

“I knew drama had the capacity to help children’s learning – but I did not expect this level of impact. The children learned new skills, as relevant to life as doing maths or English. Their confidence and self-belief blossomed in a short space of time. Fantastic!” Mr Hulson, St. Martin’s Primary School, Halton

Our Weekly Wow sessions can really be used to inspire and motivate your children – linking in to the work you’re doing in class and giving pupils a chance to learn and develop through creativity. If you’d like more information about Weekly Wow then give us a call on 0151 443 0333.